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Hire Period

COLLECTION: between 9am and 6pm on the Friday before your weekend party - unless otherwise agreed to.
RETURN: Between 9am and 4pm on Monday after your party - unless otherwise agreed to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Late returns may incur extra charges and affect your bond refund, so please be on time. Failure to return all or any of the equipment by the end of the hire period will result in the regular hire fee for the days the equipment is not returned. Party Queen hire period is normally for 3 days over the weekend.

All Party Queen Property and Equipment must be cleaned and assembled for Party Queen to pick up as per your hire arrangement or returned to Party Queen Premises by the customer by the time specified in your booking confirmation or additional charges may apply. If any Equipment is returned Damaged or Unclean, the customer will incur a fee based on the damaged assessed by Party Queen. The minimum cleaning fee will be $40.00. Equipment failed to be returned will be charged at replacement cost.

Hire Charges and Payment

Party Queen offers both package and individual party plans pricing options. All applicable hire charges will be recorded in your booking confirmation and are required to be paid in full to our nominated account 28 days prior to booking date. A deposit of $50.00 is required immediately upon invoice to secure your booking.

Delivery and Removal of Equipment

The customer authorises Party Queen to bring its vehicle onto their property to deliver and collect all equipment. Party Queen is not responsible to the customer or any third parties for any damage incurred during the delivery or pick up of property by staff or their vehicles. This includes damage to driveways, grass areas, underground services, or anything else.

The customer must be present at the delivery address to acknowledge the receiving of equipment hired. Should the customer not be present at the specified time you may incur a charge of $60.00 per Party Queen Representative, per hour while Party Queen Representatives are waiting.

The customer is responsible for checking the equipment on pick up or delivery. Party Queen will not accept responsibility for shortages or claims after the customer takes possession. Where the customer is not available on to check equipment on delivery or pick up, the customer shall not be entitled to subsequently dispute the amount of, or condition of the equipment as returned by the company, at the time of return.


The customer is responsible for the insurance of equipment for the hire period including where the customer transports to and from the premises of Party Queen. The customer indemnifies the company against any damage or loss or from theft which may occur whilst the equipment is in the care of the customer.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer shall take proper care of the equipment and indemnifies Party Queen against any damage or loss or theft. The customer must reimburse Party Queen in full for any damage or loss immediately upon termination of hire.

If the customer finds the equipment is not in working order or finds any fault with the equipment, where possible they must notify Party Queen immediately. Party Queen will not be liable for any compensation to any customer where notification of faulty equipment takes place only at the completion of the hire period. If you have any problems or concerns with using any equipment contact us and we can assist you.

All Equipment (table settings, machines) must be returned in clean condition otherwise a cleaning fee will be applicable.
Party Queen equipment does not purport to be new or equal to new when sent out, however all items are understood to be of good condition and fit for normal purposes. It is the Customers responsibility to check items upon hire commencement and conclusion.


The customer has an obligation to advise Party Queen of any problems immediately upon being aware.

The customer is required to pay a bond which is separate to the cost of the party hireage. This becomes refundable on return of the Party Hire property in acceptable condition as when it was hired.

The bond covers damages or missing items. We like to give parents the opportunity to find these, as we know what children can be like. We hope that they will follow our checklist system to save us both time.

Party Queen's policy is that the bond is refundable up to five working days after the return of the hired items. This allows us enough time to ensure that there are no damages or missing items.

Loss or Damage of Equipment

Upon hiring the customer hereby accepts full responsibility in the event that the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair whilst in the customers care and will be liable for the full replacement cost plus any additional costs that Party Queen may incur in replacing the product.

Cancellation of Hire

If the customer, for any reason, terminates a booked hire, irrespective of whether a bond has been paid or note, then the following fees apply:

If party is cancelled NO cash refund will be given, you will receive a credit note to the value of you party to use with in 12 months with Party Queen.

If circumstances arise where cancellation has happened and the company has incurred additional costs such as loading of vehicles, transportation of equipment or utilisation of labour, then additional fees may also be incurred by the customer.

Company's Right to Terminate Hire

Party Queen may terminate the hireage of all or any of their equipment at any time without providing any reason for doing so, either verbally or in writing. Party Queen will not be responsible to the customer for any loss they may claim to suffer in respect of such termination.

No Assignment of Equipment or Agreement

Under no circumstances shall a customer sublet the equipment to any other person or organisation. All Party Queen Equipment must at all times during the hire period stay within the booking forms specified location.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

As stated above if, for any reason, the customer has not acknowledged these terms and conditions by signing the booking confirmation, Payment for Hire, applicable bonds and or accepting the equipment for hire from Party Queen the customer will have deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of hire.

If you are uncertain about any of the terms, please discuss these with us.

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